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If you have ever been stuck on the side of the highway with a broken down car you’ll know the importance of having a go-to towing service. If this happened to you before the internet age things were even worse. How were you going to find who to call! If you are driving around the highways that connect with Eunice and surrounding areas the guys here at Eunice Towing are always here to help you out! Specializing in decking and undecking, jackknife, off-road recovery, roadside assistance and 24 hour towing in Eunice, NM, Jal NM, Monument NM, Oil Center NM, Hobbs NM and Kermit TX. We’re here to take care of whatever you need.

About Us

We are a company that has been circling the roads around Eunice for many years. In doing so we have been able to identify the areas that are most dangerous to drivers. This has not only allowed us to always remain close by but be able to find the best ways to get our trucks to difficult to reach locations. Providing towing jobs that are safe for both our drivers and yourself! We know you never want to see your car on the top of a truck, but we hope that seeing it on top of one of our trucks can give you the peace of mind you need in those moments.

Our Services

If you need to tow something, whether it be the heaviest truck you can imagine or a car that has gone off the road you can bet that we will be there to help. We also provide roadside assistance to those vehicles that have not necessarily been in a wreck but are experiencing some form of mechanical difficulty. Now you know that there is no good reason as to why you should have to leave tour broken down car stranded by the side of the road.

eunice towing service
heavy wrecker Eunice

Eunice Towing Service

Where around Eunice do our tow trucks reach? The answer is virtually everywhere. North and south we cover any issues on Hwy 18 or Hwy 176. In the east and west directions, we cover the entirety of Eunice and plenty of issues around neighboring areas. If you are not sure if we can cover your exact location give us a call. If in fact, it is a little far from our reach we can put you in contact with colleagues of ours that can help!

Tow Truck Service

Need a lift? Being stuck on the side of the road is no fun for anybody. That is why we can help get you out of that situation in no time. If you had some sort of wreck we will make sure that we can properly get you off the road. If your car is just unable to continue we can pick it up and take it to the nearest repair shop. Remember, our ultimate goal is to get you right back on the road as soon as possible.

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Full Wrecker

No one leaves their home in the morning thinking that they may be in a wreck. Sadly, there are certain things that are sometimes out of our control that cause things to happen. No matter how bad or how simple your wreck looks we can come get you out of there and to the nearest repair shop or wherever it is that you need to be. Being in a wreck is a terrible experience. Having to worry about the whereabouts of your car while you are getting checked out by a doctor is not a great way to get better. Leave all of those worries to us!

Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

If you happen to have a transportation company that runs a lot of routes through Lufkin you may want to write down our number. We know we are not a call that you are going to typically want to make. However, in your line of work as in ours, time is super important. Knowing that you can count on a service to help you out even in difficult circumstances can be a great way to actually get some sleep at night! We can provide heavy duty towing and rotator services. You can be certain that our trucks and cranes can get the job done!

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Winch Out &
Rollback Service

At times even if you don’t exactly know how you got there you can find yourself in difficult situations off the road. We know that is not a great place to be in. If you ever find yourself in a difficult spot where you can no longer continue on give us a call. We can come to winch you out! If you need to transport cargo then our rollback services are the best option for you! We can make sure that your cars are treated with the utmost care and there are no new scratches on them when we get them delivered!

24 Hour Roadside

Our roadside assistance trucks are equipped with all of the necessary tools and times spare pieces to handle just about any situation that can come up on the road. We don’t necessarily want your car to end up on the back of our trucks! If we can help get you back on the road quickly we will definitely do just that!

Contact Us Today

If you are currently in the middle of an emergency situation don’t wait! Give us a call right now so that we can deploy one of our trucks to your location. Being stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car can be a dangerous endeavor. Don’t wait until things get worse! Call or contact us today!