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About Us

cart towing Lea County

We are a company that since its inception has been fully driven towards helping people be safe out on the road. We also are constantly roaming the roads around Lufkin. That means that we know what the most difficult spots are on the road and where it is likely that people could have trouble. This gives us a great advantage over a lot of other services that try to cover larger areas. As a local company, we’ve been able to also grow with the area. We know where all of the best local shops are to get people’s cars quickly back on the road. That is our ultimate goal!

We know that you probably will never like to see your car on the back of one of our trucks! Also giving us a call can be a scary moment. No hard feelings, we know that being in a tough situation by the side of the road is not something that people will look forward to. Knowing that even in those situations you are just a call away from getting to safety and being able to fix your car is really something priceless! At Lufkin Towing we want you to think of us as that go-to service when you are driving down the multiple highways and streets that cover the Eunice, Jal, Hobbs and Kermit area! Even if at the end of the day your car does end up on the back of one of our trucks we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to help you get back on the road safely. Contact us today for more info