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Full Wrecker Service

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the fact that people do not leave their homes expecting to be in an accident that day. The reality about our line of work though is that accidents are inevitable. They can really make you go through a very, very tough time. When this happens the last thing that you want to have to worry about is what you are going to do with your car! In these instances having a service that you can trust will take care of your car properly is priceless. That is exactly the type of service that we aim to provide in Eunice, Jal, Hobbs, Monument, Oil Center and Kermit TX.

What To Do After An Accident 101

We that when people are in an accident the first thing that they want to do after checking that all of the people involved are ok is to figure out who is paying for damages. If multiple parties are involved you are typically going to want to call your insurance company. The police will typically arrive at the scene and a lot of time this where people start wanting to place blame on others. What you have to do is remain calm fall the directions of the authorities and get things with your insurance company checked out.

Being Informed Can Really Help You In The Event Of An Accident

If you are from around here or are planning to travel to town for a couple of days knowing which towing companies your insurance agency works within the area could be a great way to be proactive. That way you will know who to call in the event of an accident or even if you need some form of roadside assistance service that we would be able to provide. You can also give us a call and we will find the best way to work within your coverage plan.

Post Accident Towing

So you got over the initial scare, but you decided to have your wrecked vehicle towed to your home or another location. This is actually very common at times. If you are in a wreck at inconvenient hours when the repair shop is closed or they just can’t give a walk-in room for their car at that time. You may be left with a broken down car sitting in your driveway. We can help take it to and from the shop after a wreck. That way you won’t have to force your way into the shop with a wrecked vehicle.

Junk Car Towing

We know it really is horrible when a perfectly working vehicle is suddenly classified as junk after an accident. That doesn’t mean though that you should remain dwelling on the past. We can come in and get the remains of what once was a car out of your way and to junk yards where you may be able to sell the remains for something. Whichever the case may be the idea is to not have the remains of your vehicle laying around taking up space. We can also help you regarding heavy duty towing and rotator services!