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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

24 hour heavy towing Eunice

We really could talk for days about the importance of hiring the right towing service, especially when it comes to difficult jobs. There are a lot of trucks and heavy-duty machinery that forcefully need to be handled with extra care and special equipment. This care literally doubles or triples when they have been in a wreck. In most cases when 18 wheelers get in some sort of accident, they can literally block off entire highways. After we have assured ourselves that all involved are taken care off we have to find a way to get these vehicles off the road as soon as possible. At Eunice Heavy Towing we have all of the top of the line equipment and certified professionals in the area to be able to do these jobs properly.

Rotator Services In Wrecks

Our Rotator Services usually are mostly needed in the event of a wreck. When a collision causes any of the vehicles involved to flip over or rotate on its side, for the most part, there are very few instances where are rotator service is not needed. We come in with our boom truck with cranes and put the vehicle in an upright position, or in extreme cases directly on the truck to be towed away.

Rotator Services For Heavy Machinery   

The road is actually not the only places were vehicles can face certain problems. We know that and that is why we have expanded our rotator services. Sometimes are trucks are needed to come in and put many types of agriculture-related machinery back in an upright position. This can be caused by issues in the terrain or just trying to lift to much weight with a machine that isn’t built to handle it. Don’t worry about weight problems with us though! We have a vast experience and by now, know what we can handle and what we can’t!

Towing 18 Wheelers & Other Types Of Trucks    

Out on the road, even the most powerful vehicles aren’t exempt from facing some type of issue. You may need to get your broken down trucks removed from the side of the road and on toward the nearest repair shop. Especially after they have been in some sort of accident. In any type of instance, you can count on us to be ready to help! If your company is going to have a lot of trucks coming in and out of the area it may be a great idea to keep our number stored somewhere where it can be easily found. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Heavy Hauling Services

Vehicles are not the only thing that our trucks can actually transport. If a construction site needs to move some very heavy materials to and from the site you know who to call. The same goes for virtually any type of heavy object that we come across. Give us a call in Eunice, Hobbs, Jal, Mounument, Oil Center and Kermit TX and let us help you get everything where it needs to be! Check out winch out and rollback service